An Interplanetary Economy — why.

  • Mining certain raw materials from Earth damages people and the environment. Look at the search results for “Cobalt mining” on Google Images — it’ll make my point better than words ever will. We have a genuine opportunity to improve the lives of the unseen and unheard.
  • They’re there. There are between 1.1–1.9 million asteroids in the asteroid belt [1], located between Mars and Jupiter. Asterank has a catalogue of some of the most interesting ones in terms of their value and ease of access.
Asteroids hold different amounts of different materials. The most interesting to us are Cobalt, Nickel and Platinum, but water is also going to be critical as a fuel for spacecraft.
Hayabusa2 touching down on Ryugu (on my birthday) in 2019.



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porkchop is a Stockholm-based startup with the goal of establishing an interplanetary economy.